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Courting from the 8th century and previous, the Manyoshu is the oldest jap poetry anthology. The 1,000 poems selected for this well-known choice have been selected by means of a uncommon scholarly committee according to their poetic excellence, their position in revealing the japanese nationwide spirit and personality, and their cultural and historic significance.  textual content is in English merely.

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Even in crossing a steep mountain he would make offerings to the god of the 'awesome' pass (Nos. ). Prayer was also the usual recourse for the love-lorn (Nos. r6r, 165). But when hope was fast waning and his fate seemed uncertain, the Many6 man xl resorted, now to charms to exorcize evil spirits, now to magical spells for the fulfilment of his desues ; and for telling his fortune he relied on omens and divinations. The use of the shime (sacred rope) to mark off a place, or an object, was the principal method for making taboo (No.

The coiffure changed from time to time. The typical mode for men was to bmd the hair into two knots on either side of the head, or in a single large knot on the top. The style for women varied according to age. A child had the hair bobbed short, while a young girl wore it long, sometimes parted and hanging down to the shoulders ; but as soon as she reached marriageable age it was either done up, or left to hang down still longer. Both sexes wore combs in the hair, a boxwood comb being considered a precious addition to female charm.

In the moral sphere the Japanese valued honesty and sincenty, and regarded uncleanliness in any form as a vice. As for mdividual conduct, importance was attached to candour and spontaneity. Difference there was indeed between the Japanese way of living and the Confucian attitude, which was didactic and disciplinary, and which strove in the main to regulate life socially and institutionally by the application of external laws and standards. But the realization of this bas1c mcompanb1hty was to come later.

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