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35 And the following joke about a stuttering gambler implicates poultry in the stutterer’s vocalization: A Gentleman who did greatly stut & stammer in his speech, playing at Mawe, laid downe a winning card, and then said vnto his partener: How sa-ay ye now, wa-was not this ca-ca-ard pa-as-assing we-we-well la-a-ayd: Yes (answered 28 st . . st . . 36 Like deafness, stuttering has sometimes been thought of as a kind of alienation from the human – a condition in which one wrestles with what has become a foreign tongue.

10 The distinction between vowels and consonants has also been ethnicized, in terms of a distinction between Hebrew, traditionally 37 beyond words regarded by Christian commentators as the primary language, that was closest to the divine, and Greek. This is because written Hebrew does not phonetically represent vowels, while Greek was the first written language to derive a notation for them. It is on these grounds that, in his Treatise on the Origin of Language (1772), J. G. Herder distinguishes between the spirit of Hebrew and the dead letter of Greek.

Greek is lugmos. German, meanwhile, has the altogether more snuffley schluchzen. 5 I imagine that the association between sob and hiccup has led to the Turkish word for ‘sob’, hıçkırma. Yexing had none of the dignity of sobbing. 8 Seat of Convulsiveness The voice is full of obstacles and incursions that form a repertoire of impediments. 9 Some of these unvoiced interruptions of the voice seem to be of some entirely other order, to be sound in the raw, in a zero-degree, ‘unvoiced’ condition, as linguists might say – clicks, hisses, whistles, pops, palatal burrs and purrs.

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