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By Tom Kratman

1.  First in a thrilling new army technology fiction series.

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3.  New hide remedy, emphasizing army action

4.  Tom Kratman is co-author, with John Ringo, of Watch at the Rhine and Yellow Eyes, novels within the New York Times best-selling Posleen conflict series.

5.  an army veteran, he brings first-hand adventure and services to carry either army own and their battles to brilliant, colourful life.
Five hundred years from now, humankind has came upon a hyperlink to a remarkably Earth-like planet and settled there, dividing –as people will -- into dozens of realms.  The Federated States of Columbia has consolidated energy and risen opposed to the oppression of Earth's corrupt Caliphate. but if Salafi madmen bent on a brand new jihad kill FSC Captain Patrick Hennessey's relatives in a cowardly assault, they convey an enemy that may exhibit even much less mercy than they do.


            A mythical warrior is born:  Carrera, the scourge of Salafism. he'll forge a military from the decrepit is still of an army in a failing kingdom.  He will locate those that killed his kin. he'll spoil them completely. And he'll test like hell not to turn into precisely just like the enemy he's struggling with.  


            purely whilst he's entire will there be peace: the peace of an empty wind because it blows throughout a barren region strewn with the bones of Carrera's enemies.

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