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PR 5); addition of the lrlrcl' (cfl Elderkin: 1974:69). rrtcnces the paradlgtnsF and G are used: t')) ? o d d o + k * o ? d ni ? o k k " o + ? q91" b ' d d b o + k u f ? i+nto ACC until NEG+IRR show-G2-2s father+your+M this go-Hr$-wtth te h d d d u r d + ? i + k oi L i k o k o t t o D r h u AFF sleep-B-3Mrby+that navel in sting-H2-S (when) he is "qo with-this (needle, and) do no! 9. o be morphophonological rlr|n,ation. Elderkin (1t74: 69) has suggestedthat the Infinitive ending is a true suffix, n a verbal ending.

5) ()) are mutually exdusive. a. 6t 'odlddzo enter-CAUS-81-3M "he used to take a mortar and put il undef his ampit" l3) ? u i n n 6 n u + u 6 + i I e l + ? ot e f d l o n n o they+PAST+tlAB+VEN AFF do-81-3P for the INITIAL HICH RULE,TR 2) b'6+ko+kl+uii+ilel_Iu_bs NEG+IRR+you-F+PAST+HABbeat-El-1S "l did oot use ro beat you (F)" This particle is always placed before rhe verb and can occur isolated. In the verbal complex, it occlipies $e final position. 4. =Ll habitual action (HAB) This expresses habituality of |he action, both in the past and non-past.

Q"l,9Jn (one specrrleO,rrjtjat H by TR 2). _ The Perfectivefollows rhe parrcrn_ofC| andD2: H on rhe amx jn 25, jF, |p,2p and 3P; L in lS and 3M. The ronesare shifted back by TR 3. PosiriveIussive(F1l2) 'l he endings are the same as the pas! Subjunctive (D) above, but the tonal is different. rltcrn'l'he tonal patternsare the same as in D and E. i say-H1-S+LOC cloth+that keep-F2-3M+me-BEN "tell him to keep the (piece o0 cloth fo. Negativelussive (G1,/2) The endings and the tonal patterns are the same as the Iussive Positive (F) above, but with ffnal /o/ (thus paralleling the difference between paradigrns D and E) Imperfective (c1) 15 25 X'VCo XVXC'VXt O 3M x'vcco 3F 1P 2P 3P XVxC'Vxt o XVxC'Vxno XVxC'Vxt e e no XVCommo 15 25 xvco XVxCVxt q 3M xvcco 3F lP 2P XVxCVxt o XVxCVxn o XVxC-Vxt iho XVCinq tuoo lubLito lubbo lubrito lubrno lubriteeno lribommo Perfective (G2) 3P libo | 'ibut o Itibbo I dbutd lLibuno lubit ino I u bi n o The lussive Nega[ivenegatesboth paradigmsF and H (lmperative)l 14) ?

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