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Israel inspires myriad institutions for peoples of all cultures and spiritual backgrounds. Inextricably linked to the world's 3 such a lot widespread religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), Israel is steeped in background and clash, a lot of that's identified in the course of the stories of biblical figures comparable to Moses, David, Solomon, and, in fact, Jesus Christ.But how a lot of the Bible may be relied upon as actual historical past? and what sort of of the biblical list may be validated via archaeology? Esteemed professor, researcher, and writer Eric H. Cline of The George Washington college addresses those and different questions during this attention-grabbing sequence of lectures.

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New York: The Free Press, 2001. Miller, J. Maxwell, and John H. Hayes. A History of Ancient Israel and Judah. Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1986. ) Ancient Israel: From Abraham to the Roman Destruction of the Temple (chapter 5: “The Divided Monarchy: The Kingdoms of Judah and Israel”). he Kingdom of Judah consistently found itself caught between mighty empires far to the north in Mesopotamia and far to the south in Egypt. Sister States? Rehoboam came to the throne when he was forty-one years old, following the death of Solomon.

In the sixth year of his rule, he campaigned in Israel, and did so again in the tenth, eleventh, fourteenth, eighteenth, and twentysixth years of his reign. The first campaign is described in some detail in the so-called Monolith inscription, discovered in the mid 1800s in present-day Iraq. This inscription tells of a coalition of kings from Israel and surrounding areas who fought against Shalmaneser. They apparently halted his march in the vicinity of a place called Qarqar. The following are the words of Shalmaneser III: “I decisively defeated them from the city of Qarqar to the city of Gilzau.

First was a porch at the front, with two free-standing columns, then came the main hall or sanctuary, and then at the far end was the inner sanctuary known as the Holy of Holies. This was where the Ark of the Covenant would have been kept. One scholar claims that the Bible says the Temple was sixty cubits (about a hundred and three feet) long, twenty cubits (thirty-three feet) wide, and thirty cubits (fifty-one feet) high. Other scholars say that the whole building was about one hundred cubits long by fifty cubits wide (a hundred and fifty feet by seventy-five feet).

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