A History of Indian Logic: Ancient Mediaeval and Modern - download pdf or read online

By Vidyabhusana Satis Chandra

The writer has during this paintings essentially marked the valuable levels of Indian good judgment within the big interval of approximately thousand years starting from 640 and has traced how from Anviksiki the technology of dialogue Indian good judgment constructed into the technological know-how of data Pramanasastra after which into the technological know-how of dialectics Prakarana of Tarkasastra.

The remedy of the topic is either historic and significant. the writer has traced a few Greek effect on indian common sense. for example he has proven how the 5 membered syllogism of Aristotle came upon its means via Alexandria Syria and different international locations into Taxila and received amalgamated with the Nyaya doctrine of inference.

The publication is without doubt one of the pioneer works at the matters. It has drawn on unique resources exhaustively. in addition to the preface creation, foreword and desk of contents the paintings includes a number of appendices and indexes.

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AdhyliyR adbyfiya 1II. Gautamar-dharma 1. GG R§;mliyana Ritmayana 1"13-23, 1 13-23, 7-53-15 7-53-15.. • 1 ibetan ':(,��·tl '1 The Nyaya is called in in T Tibetan ~zq~'Q Rig§;�pa Rig~-pa. Vlahiivyutpatti, part II, p. p. 133, edited in in Sanskrit·Tibotan-Enghsh Sanskrit-Tibetan-Engltsh by Dr. E, E. D. nd and Satis Satis Pal't Chandl'a idyabhusana in the Bibliotheca series, Calcutta lso ��tan� Obandt'a V Vidyabhusana Bibliotheca IndIca IndICa series, Calcutta;; a also-~atan­ 4 <10 00 . r. M do, Go, hgyur, Mdo, Go, folios folios 223-3771.

136. 136. 13 7. 137. a-parik�ii-vrlti .. Alamba'J]-a-parik~a-vrlti Trikiila-pariksii Trikala-pariJqii. ,aramartha . ra Svamm Svamin Sankara Dharmapala Dharmapala Acarya Silabhadra. Silabhadra Acarya Aciirya Dharmakirti Dharmaklrti Acarya Pramana-vartika-karika Prarnii,na-vartika-karikii. 300 300 301 301 301 301 . � 302 302 302 303 303 303 303 .. 306 .. Prama a-vartika·vrtti Prama~a-vartika-vrtti Pramli1'}Q,"viniscaya Pramii1}o,·vini8caya Nyiiya·bindu .. • Perception Perception .. Inference for for One's One's Self Self Inference ..

Ahi1bharata,' Mahabharata,& etc. C. ntly science which furnished people with reasons for th6 the estimation of thAir intellect unperturbed in their strength and weakness, kept their prosperity and adversity adversity,, and infused into their intelligence, speech and action, subtlety and power. The A nvik�iki, in virtue of the theory of reasons predominatpredominat­ Anvik~iki, Hetu·sastra or iug it. was oaned Hetu-sastra. ing it, was called H etu-sastra Hetu-vidya,' H etu-vidya,7 Hetu-,\'j astra.

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