New PDF release: A Little Rebellion (Crimson Worlds, Book 3)

By Jay Allan

Pink Worlds booklet III The 3rd Frontier warfare is over, and the Western Alliance is effective. All throughout human-occupied area, colony worlds rejoice the arriving of peace.

But peace is an elusive dream, and extra difficulty is brewing. The struggle used to be pricey, and the economies of the Superpowers, consistently fragile, are at the verge of overall collapse.

The Directorate, the shadowy intelligence association that has turn into the real strength in the back of the Alliance executive, plans to strip the colonies naked to pay the prices of battle. Already, they're tightening their keep watch over over the freewheeling colonial governments. And the Marine Corps faces overall destruction by the hands of the worst traitor in its history.

however the colonists are a distinct breed than the passive mob on the earth, they usually don't have any purpose of meekly surrendering their difficult received freedoms. On worlds all around the frontier, plans are hatched and guns hoarded. And in taverns and assembly halls the phrases of an old textual content are uttered in hushed tones. a bit uprising, from time to time, is an effective thing.

The purple Worlds Series:

Marines (Crimson Worlds I)
The fee of Victory (Crimson Worlds II)
A Little uprising (Crimson Worlds III)

Coming March 2013 the 1st Imperium (Crimson Worlds IV)

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