New PDF release: A Sketch of the Phonology and Grammar of Rajbanshi

By Wilde, Christopher P.

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Should not be considered akin to the Maithili /əu/, which according to Yadav (1997 [1996]:17) is a variant of /ɔ/: "Of the back vowels, /ɔ/ is the least common – especially in the final position. " Consider also Masica's (1991:114) warning concerning vowel comparison between New Indo-Aryan languages: "Purely systematic comparisons can be misleading. Hindi, Bengali, and Gujarati /ɔ/, for example, are different phonetically, historically, and in their written representation. The first is a long vowel, the result of monophthongization of the diphthong *ɑu, which remains its written symbol.

The reader can refer to the audio recordings on the accompanying CD. Photographs 2 and 3. Pāmar P. Rājbanshi (left) and Manorath Rājbanshi Two types of text have been elicited: narrative and descriptive. The descriptive texts were obtained by showing the language informant a photograph relating to some aspect of Rājbanshi culture or surroundings. The informant was then requested to talk about what he saw in the picture. The researcher may have prompted as necessary with extra questions in order to elicit further material.

Whether this is due to stress (that is, /i/ or /e/ have the conditioned variant [ɪ] in unstressed syllables) is unclear. 18 2. Phonology Table 2. COND’ position r_ आरे /ærɪ/ [ʔærɪ] ‘VOC’ रे /re/ [rɛ/e] ‘PCL’ रे /rɪ/ [rɪ] ‘VOC’ घरे र /gʰʌr-er/ [gʰʌrɪ/er] ’house-GEN’ position b_ ठु बे /t ̺uk-b-e/ [t ̺ukbe/ɛ] ‘hit-INF-EMPH’ ठु बे /t ̺uk-b-ɪ/ [t ̺ukbɪ/e] ‘hit-FUT-3’ closed σ मरे क /mʌr-ek/ [mʌɾɪ/ek] ‘die-IMP2sg’ ठु केक /t ̺uk-ek/ [t ̺ukɪ/ek] ‘hit-IMP2sg’ िबख /bikʰ/ [bɪkʰ] ‘poison’ This becomes a problem when comparing the phonology with the orthography.

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