R. Bruce McDowell's A Study of Colt Conversions and Other Percussion Revolvers PDF

By R. Bruce McDowell

This definitive paintings will take you contained in the historical past of yankee revolver conversions from the traditional percussion (cap and ball) ammunition to the more moderen and swifter self-contained steel cartridges. Witness via never-before-released files, drawings and pictures a series of occasions that modified American firepower. Step contained in the factories, museums and personal collections and detect how an easy alteration in idea ended in the layout of the recognized Colt unmarried motion military revolver, and finally to a flood of revolver conversions from 1868 to 1880. The particularly exact photographs, drawings and technical requirements supply crucial identity details. Distinguish among manufacturing facility conversions. Distinguish among manufacturing facility conversions and people made by means of inner most resources. writer Bruce McDowell brings years of exacting examine to this entire reference paintings on conversion Colts, Smith Wessons, Remingtons, and different significant revolver brands. the unveiling historic and technical details supplied during this crucial quantity fills in a formerly missed yet extremely important portion of firearms historical past.

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