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Пересмотренный и полностью обновленный, этот практический справочник по фотографированию людей лучше, чем какой-либо! Каков цвет кожи? Вы можете думать, что Вы знаете, пока Вы не входите в мир цифровой фотографии и пытаетесь воспроизвести то, что Вы видите. Различия в программном обеспечении, освещении, компьютерной калибровке - все оказывает влияние на цвет.

Jürg Wittwer, Jessica Holom's Talking through Pictures: A Beginner's Guide to PDF

The task of photojournalists is to seize a second in time, to inform a narrative with no phrases. added in twelve easy-to-follow chapters, this e-book takes you step by step during the very important points of creating expert images. even if you need to release a brand new profession as a certified photographer or just discover ways to take larger photos, this booklet will offer you brief counsel and easy instruments to enhance your photographic talents.

100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time - download pdf or read online

Considering the fact that its inception, TIME journal has been synonymous not only with extraordinary journalism, but in addition with extraordinary images. Now, to mark the one hundred and seventy fifth anniversary of images and the beginning of photojournalism, the Editors of TIME journal are publishing this significant other publication to the groundbreaking electronic get together of images that point.

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You simply place the cursor over the red area and the software replaces it with a natural-looking hue and tone, taking account of catchlights in the subjects’ eyes. A typical party flash shot being corrected with the Red-eye Removal tool in Photoshop Elements. One eye in the subject nearer the camera has been corrected by placing the cursor over the red area. Dynamic Range Adjustments Many cameras include dynamic range adjustments that endeavour to even out extreme differences between brightness levels in digital photos.

A more powerful image editor like Photoshop Elements supports a wider range of adjustments and includes tools (circled in red) for selectively brightening shadowed areas without changing the rest of the image. Cloning The cloning tool, which is indicated with a rubber stamp icon, provides an easy fix for images containing elements you would like to remove in areas that can’t be removed by cropping. It works by copying a selected area and repeating it in a new section of the image. You can usually choose the size of the cloning ‘brush’ and determine whether it has hard or soft edges.

This will help you to decide what to trim away and what to keep. Cropping inevitably cuts away image data so you should start thinking about the key elements in a shot when you take the picture to reduce unnecessary data loss. It’s better to move (or zoom) in closer to the subject, frame it tightly and keep your images at high resolution than to take the shot with the main subject surrounded by wasted space that must be cropped away. Consider the following when planning a crop: 1. Crop for interest.

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